Surface 604 Rook Review

To run the discussions, have the site, and travel, I charge a widespread assistance expense for my audits. This inside and out audit was supported by Surface604. I will likely be straightforward and fair-minded with you, this video and writeup are not intended to be a support of Surface604 items. I respect your revisions, increases, and input in the remarks underneath and the Surface604 electric bicycle discussions.

A component rich and congenial advance through city bicycle accessible in two edge sizes and two hues, comes standard with a back rack, bumpers, and Spanninga lights, with a huge seller arrange in both the US and Canada for test rides and backing not far off

An uncommon mix of a torque sensor with a back center point engine gives a smooth and responsive riding background, while the mix of a Suntour suspension fork, Selle Royale gel saddle, ergonomic grasps, and the upstanding loosened up riding position give a significant level of solace

Strong halting force on account of Tektro Auriga water powered plate brakes with 180mm rotors and double cylinder calipers, and the Shimano Alivio groupset is an overhaul from past ages of the Rook, giving a smooth moving background

The new show isn't extremely splendid and can be hard to see in direct daylight, no cut assurance or intelligent sidewall striping on the tires, the charge port is by the correct wrench arm, and there is no slap watch on the privilege chainstay which leaves the paint defenseless against scratches when going over knocks


Incorporates a one-year far reaching guarantee and backing from numerous vendors in the US and Canada, which is incredible for help not far off as well as for test riding and fitting before you purchase

Your decision of two casing sizes, an upstanding loosened up riding position, the progression through plan, and the high scope of movability for the stem makes this bicycle amazingly agreeable, ready to fit practically any size of rider

The 3.5″ shading LCD is a major redesign from past ages of the Rook. New highlights incorporate secret key assurance as a robbery obstruction, an optical sensor for programmed show darkening and coordinated light actuation, and propelled settings that even enable you to change torque affectability

Highlight total with incorporated lights, bumpers, and a back rack! The rack is weld-mounted which offers more solidness contrasted with a secondary selling connected rack, Spanninga lights are ground-breaking and work admirably of enlightening the street ahead, and the full-size bumpers are plastic which offers great strength

An updated 48-volt battery pack that is shorter and institutionalized crosswise over Surface604 models so you can share batteries in the event that you possess any of their different models, you additionally get a decision between the standard 10.4 amp-hour or the overhauled 14 amp-hour pack (which costs an extra $200)

Two alternatives for charging individual hardware are accessible here, which is wonderful! There are two USB Type A ports accessible, one is on the presentation and has 0.5 amps of intensity, the other is on the battery and offers 1.0 amps… For reference, an entire 1 amp is required for charging an iPhone however 0.5 amps is adequate for most Android telephones. The battery charging port is decent on the grounds that you can expel the battery from the bicycle and still use it to charge different gadgets, for example, driving a compact speaker while on an excursion

A responsive torque sensor is matched with a 500-watt Bafang back center engine, this is an uncommon mix and offers what feels like a smooth mid-drive engine involvement with a center point engine cost

Max speed power is accessible at any help level (even level 0), I truly value this since you can ride in a low help level and approach the throttle for a short burst of speed or power without changing the help level first

Amazing halting force on account of Tektro Auriga pressure driven plate brakes, three-finger switches make the double cylinder calipers simple to activate, and the 180mm rotors are a redesign from the 160mm rotors seen on past adaptations of the Rook

Enormous plastic chain gatekeeper works admirably of shielding the chain from wayward skirts or trouser legs, and it additionally includes a white intelligent side board for expanded side perceivability

A Suntour suspension fork for with 110mm of movement, enormous Selle Royale gel seat, and sewed calfskin ergonomic grasps mean an agreeable ride, you can likewise include a Suntour suspension seatpost ($100 redesign) for much more solace

Excellent visual appearance because of clean inside steered cabling, significantly more spotless than past variants of this bicycle – presently even the brake light cabling is directed through the back rack! You likewise get your decision of two hues, white or dark with white accents

Loads of changes from past ages for simpler upkeep and fixes, for instance, the controller has been changed to utilize standard XT60 connectors and is a lot simpler to go after diagnostics and fixes when important. Generally Surface604 bicycles have been trying for sellers to fix the hardware, so I value that they've tuned in to input and attempted to make their bicycles progressively workable


These Kenda tires are genuinely fundamental, they do exclude any cut security or intelligent striping on the sidewalls. You can include cut assurance yourself, obviously, and we do have great side perceivability on the correct side gratitude to the intelligent chain watch

The presentation is a major overhaul from past adaptations regarding the data readouts and extra settings, however it simply isn't exceptionally brilliant… I thought that it was hard to peruse anything on the showcase in direct daylight, yet at any rate you can pivot and point it to diminish glare

The weld-mounted back rack is pleasant for toughness, obviously, the tradeoff here is that you can never evacuate the back rack

The ergonomic holds are not locking, so on the off chance that you hunker down on them you can bend them all over which can be particularly baffling with ergonomic grasps, luckily, the casual position and use case for this bicycle implies you won't weigh down on the holds the manner in which you may with a trail blazing bicycle

The charge port is situated close to the correct wrench arm, which means a danger of knocking and harming your charger (or the charge port) when charging the battery on the bicycle

There is no slap protect on the privilege chainstay, which implies that knocks can make the chain bob down and scratch the paint on the chainstay… A low-tech answer for anticipate this is to put some unmistakable tape on that chainstay. Past forms of the Rook had links directed on the highest point of this chainstay and they likewise filled in as a slap watch, however on this 2020 model the links are presently inside steered

The fog light is mounted on the lower voyaging bit of the front fork, which implies that the fog light will ricochet here and there as the suspension fork packs. This can make a "strobe light" impact on uneven trails, it's commonly not very extraordinary however great to know about

The plastic bumpers are lightweight, sturdy, and insusceptible to dings and rust, yet they do shake more than steel or amalgam bumpers – particularly when riding on uneven trails

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